Sexuality Interview

Interview itself starts at 9:17 with a general introduction and background from 0:00 to 9:16.

Welcome to this, the first-ever episode of my new podcast. This week I interviewed a member of the leadership of the True Freedom Trust, “TFT” on human sexuality, particularly focusing on what they same-sex attraction and homosexuality. The discussion was largely ethical, theological, philosophical and Biblical in nature, and largely grew out of the responses to my last blog post entitled “Sexuality: The Unanswered Questions”. Please be aware that I have not yet fully made up my own mind on all of the questions surrounding human sexuality and have tried to conduct this interviewed from as neutral and unbiased perspective as possible. To ensure balance, I do not and have never publicly stated my own, and so far incomplete, personal view on this subject to aid as wide-ranging and neutral a conversation and discussion on this topic as possible. Please note that the the views expressed by the interviewee are solely his own, unless he specifically states that they are also shared with the doctrinal, theological and ethical basis of TFT. Please like, comment, share and subscribe. Hope you enjoy!

By Ben Somervell

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